Why choose Silver Lining Fostering Agency?

We are not dinosaurs

We are a young fostering agency which means that we are keen to grow and committed to getting things right. We care about building our reputation and we are not afraid to try new things. 


We only employ the qualified and experienced staff and recruit quality foster carers. We provide an excellent training package, systemic supervision and 24x7 support to our foster carers. We like to think that what we lack in experience we make up for in our quality service and practice standards.

We have what it takes

The agency is run by experienced fostering managers who have a proven track record of delivering high quality fostering services for three central London authorities. Our managers are systemically trained and we are committed to incorporating systemic ideas into our practice and service delivery.


We have a pool of expert consultants we use to support our foster carers in the areas of health, education, behaviour management and preparing for independence. You can rest assured that we have the expertise needed and an understanding of the changing landscape of fostering.

We have been in your shoes

Having worked in local authority fostering and placements teams ourselves we understand the standards and quality of service that is required of an independent fostering agency. We understand the challenges and the pressures our local authority colleagues are under and we are keen to work with them to find bespoke solutions to their needs.


Please email any referrals to info@silverliningfostering.co.uk


For out of hours referrals please call our dedicated placements team on 0208 150 7238 or 07405 234 222.