Allowances Training and Support


As a foster carer you will receive fostering allowance which normally covers things like food, clothing, transportation, pocket money, toys, outings and household costs etc. Silver Lining offers competitive allowances ranging from £410 per child per week to £650 per child per week* depending on the specific needs of the child.


Additionally, we offer retention bonuses and foster carers receive other benefits while fostering with us.


* The specialist rate is offered to foster carers who provide care to children with exceptional needs. These placements will be accompanied by an enhanced support package including specialist training, systemic supervision and consultation with our expert consultants depending upon the assessed needs of the foster carer.

Our support

  • Your own designated social worker, who will visit regularly to provide advice, guidance and support

  • Access to systemic supervision

  • Access to telephone advice and support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Peer Mentoring offered to all new foster carers

  • Links to other local foster carers via our network of local foster carer support groups

  • High level fostering allowance for child maintenance and in recognition of your skills

  • Careful matching of children with foster carers

  • Good preparation and initial induction

  • Support with completing a formal induction workbook process (TSDS)

  • Access to ongoing foster carer training provided by in house and specialist external trainers

  • Access to online training- e-learning

  • Access to respite care

  • Support to develop safe and effective baby sitting and back up care arrangements

  • Support groups for own children to attend- if they wish

  • Workshops for young people in foster care- to support your good efforts

  • Access to a psychologist or a behaviour management coach for advice and support, where needed

  • Higher frequency, higher level support at the time of new placements and if/when needed