Fostering Assessment

An assessment is to see if you are suitable to provide care for other people's children. The idea is that we work together to establish whether you meet the requirements for fostering and whether it is the right time for you and your household to be fostering a child.


An assessment is also a learning process; it should enable us and yourselves to identify your family's skills and strengths, whilst giving you a realistic view about what it involves.


Below are some of the factors that are considered as part of the assessment:


  • Your past experiences: how have they shaped you to be the person you are today? Any past criminal convictions?

  • Your general health: Are you reasonably fit to foster now and into the future?

  • Your home: Is your home safe for a child? Do you have space to foster?

  • Your financial position: Are your finances stable enough to be a foster carer?

  • Your support network: Will there be people you can rely upon for support?

  • Your knowledge of, plus any experience of working with children/young people - this might be through family, work or volunteering

  • Your attitude: What is your motivation to be a foster carer? Do you have a commitment to provide positive experiences to children in care? Will you, with training and support, be able to deal with behaviour that may be difficult or challenging?


A short guide to the assessment process


Step 1 - Make Contact

Call us to discuss your interest where we can then arrange a home visit.


Step 2 - Training

Attend our Skills-to-Foster three-day course.


Step 3 - Assessment

You will be allocated a social worker to carry out an assessment of your background, life experiences and the qualities you would bring to fostering.


Step 4 - Approval

You will be invited to a Fostering Panel who will give their recommendation based on the outcome of your assessment. The Agency Decision Maker will then make a final decision.


Step 5 - Fostering

Your life as a fully-fledged Foster Carer begins.


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